Our Team & Association


  Michael Balakirsky, MBA is the Principal of Sophos Financial with offices in Columbia MD area and Rockville MD area. We are happy to assist clients in the Greater Washington DC with Financial Planning and Asset Management.

We are proud to be a  part of FAN -Financial Advocacy Network. FAN-team of advisors with offices from Maryland to South Carolina to Florida. Our team helps individuals, business owners and families like yours with financial planning, retirement planning, and investment advice.

The Advisors with Financial Advocacy Network manages more than 400 million USD in assets.


  Our Team:



    Michael Balakirsky MBA

    LPL Financial Advisor/ Wealth Manager

    The Principal of Sophos Financial





Martin C.Sullens

Managing Partner FAN 







Amy F.Cox

Managing Partner FAN







Christopher L. Cox

Managing Partner of FAN






Laura Starr Levengard

Office Manager & Marketing Specialist