- My family has been associated with Michael Balakirsky as a financial advisor for over 10 years. I met Michael while searching for an advisor to help me determine which annuities were appropriate for me. He stood out from the others I interviewed as he pointed out that giving advice for just one instrument within a portfolio was short-sided and that I should look at the larger picture.  And for the past 10 years he has helped me do just that. 

He has presented me with investment options that I could not have known about, always explaining the risk-reward aspects.  The rewards have most often far exceeded the downsides.

Michael is very responsive to my frequent questions and is honest about what he knows and what he ‘cannot predict’.  Even when on vacation, he takes the time to write an email when a major event has happened or in a reply to an email from me.  I know that I will hear from him when I need him.

Michael listens.  And he asks insightful questions.  He is truly a partner when it comes to my family’s financial wellbeing.  He consults me on all decisions and we have an annual meeting to go over the state of our finances.

And finally, Michael cares.  He is as concerned with my family’s physical well being as much as our financial. It is not a stretch to say the Michael Balakirsky is a friend and an important member of my extended family.

       Allen P.


-My wife and I have been working with Michael for over 10 years. His knowledge, expertise and guidance has been instrumental in getting our financial footing on solid ground. He has always been available when we’ve had questions or concerns. Michael is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with.

          Tony and Marquita


-Michael has been my financial advisor for around 10 years. Prior to hiring Michael, I managed most of my portfolio with a small portion left with another advisor. I never fully turned over all my assets to her because her investment philosophy was more conservative than mine and because she was always pushing products associated with the company she worked for. As I got closer to retirement, I realized that, although I was making money, I had no consistent plan and owned a huge number the number of stocks and mutual funds that continued to increase in number as I found "bargains". When I met Michael I knew I had found a financial advisor who knew way more about money and the financial markets than I did. I appreciate the fact that Michael is an independent agent and not employed by a company that's not pushing their own product. Michael has a broad knowledge of markets in other countries and products that I know nothing about. Michael helped me look at my goals, as well as the insurance needs and legal documents that I should have had in place. I am now retired and feel confident that my future is protected with Michael's help.
I permit to use this Testimonial by Michael Balakirsky /LPL Financial as needed.
                   Ken K.


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